The founders of TheSocialMedwork have initiated a foundation to support the most vulnerable patients around the world gain access to innovative medicines.

Saving lives through the access of medicines.

TheSocialMedwork Foundation is dedicated to providing the most vulnerable patients globally fast access to lifesaving medicines.

TheSocialMedwork Foundation expects to have the Medical Ethical Advisory Board in place, be fully operational, and accepting patient and community requests in early 2019.

Our What

  1. TheSocialMedwork Foundation is dedicated to providing the most vulnerable patients globally with financial assistance to access lifesaving medicines through ‘subsidized’ treatments.
  2. Underprivileged populations are more susceptible and vulnerable when exposed to epidemics of infectious agents, complications of non-communicable diseases, wars, and environmental exposures. In response to crisis situations, TheSocialMedwork Foundation will provide rapid access to diagnostics and medicines through leveraging knowledge, and working shoulder to shoulder with global experts.

Our How

TheSocialMedwork Foundation is committed to developing and implementing our mission with the highest moral and ethical standards of philanthropy. The foundation funding will be made possible through the various steps:

  • Patients' buyers club TheSocialMedwork will allocate an amount of income to TheSocialMedwork Foundation’s capital
  • Subsidies, gifts and donations to TheSocialMedwork Foundation
  • Legacies, succession or other payments to TheSocialMedwork Foundation
  • Yields from various social activities
  • That which has been obtained in any other legal way, whether or not in accordance with any agreement concluded by the foundation.

TheSocialMedwork Foundation will be operated by an independent executing team, while relying on the network and systems of TheSocialMedwork buyers club. Applications will be reviewed and approved by TheSocialMedwork Foundation Medical Ethical Advisory Board.

Our Why

We believe each and every patient should have immediate access to the best medicines.

Our Do

As part one of our mission, a patient with very limited means and who may be experiencing social environmental barriers anywhere in the world, from the suburbs of Denver to Berlin, or to the townships of Capetown, can find a treatment through our community marketplace, that has not (yet) been reimbursed by their healthcare system. This patient can apply to TheSocialMedwork Foundation with a request to subsidize their treatment. TheSocialMedwork Foundation Medical Ethical Advisory Board will then perform a financial eligibility assessment for this product based on the patient’s annual income, assets and expenditure levels. Based on the outcome of this assessment, TheSocialMedwork Foundation may decide to subsidize the treatment up to maximum of 50% of the annual costs.

From 2013 - 2016, the West African Ebola virus epidemic was the most widespread outbreak of Ebola virus disease in history. This ignited part two of our mission, as TheSocialMedwork Foundation believes that the mortality rate could have been significantly reduced within the first few months of the devastating outbreak. A combination of early diagnosis and off-label use of otherwise approved and well-tolerated antiviral drugs (e.g. favipiravir), would have had the potential to save many lives. Moreover, pre-exposure prophylaxis of health care workers, and post-exposure prophylaxis of family members with experimental anti-viral drugs would have reduced the reproduction number significantly by December 2014. TheSocialMedwork Foundation will take rapid action in response to crisis situations by responding with creativity and tenacity to avoid unnecessary suffering in such contagious and community threatening circumstances.

Our Board of Trustees


Sjaak Vink

Sjaak Vink is Dutch innovator and social activist. Fueled by his passion and dedication to help seriously ill patients access the very latest medicines worldwide, he co-founding myTomorrows in June 2012, and TheSocialMedwork in November 2014. In addition to his primary business pursuits, Sjaak is also involved in patient advocacy groups such as the Abigail Alliance for Better Access to Developmental Drugs in Washington DC, and the Chicago based group Cures Within Reach. He is also a global ambassador for Inspiring Rare Birds, a Sydney based women entrepreneurs advocates group. Sjaak also initiated the Global Manifesto for Entrepreneurial Social Impact Change which was signed in Amsterdam in 2011 by 600 successful young entrepreneurs from all over the world to change their business into Social Impact Businesses.


Mirjam Bink - van der Linden

Mirjam Bink - van der Linden is a Dutch entrepreneur and co-founder of ONL for Entrepreneurs with a clear focus on sustainability and responsibility. Her belief to evoke social change through an entrepreneurial approach has led her to pursuits that aim to reduce the gap between politicians and entrepreneurs. Mirjam, an ambassador to TheSocialMedwork, understands the vital necessity for the reliable access to new medicines after trying to access a new drug for her late father in 2016. It was here that Mirjam became committed to the TheSocialMedwork’s cause of social change and bringing new medicines to patients regardless of where they’re located.

Remuneration of the Board of Trustees and the Medical Ethical Advisory Board

The board members of TheSocialMedwork Foundation will not be remunerated. The foundation will reimburse costs made by the board members based on the performance of their duties. Succession can only be accepted by the board on behalf of the foundation with the benefit of inventory beneficiary acceptance.

Annual Accounts

The financial year of TheSocialMedwork Foundation is equal to the calendar year. The treasurer balances per the last day of the financial, and will prepare a balance sheet within six months, accompanied by a profit and loss account on the expired financial year, after an appointed independent auditor has investigated the accounts. Thereafter within a month, the financial report will be approved and signed by all members of the Board of Trustees. Subsequently, the financial report will be published with the Chamber of Commerce and will be publicly available on the foundation's website.

The first financial year of the foundation ends on the thirty-first of December two thousand and eighteen.

Articles and Business Plan

The Articles and Business Plan of TheSocialMedwork Foundation can be viewed as a pdf.

Download the Articles Download the Business Plan